Guy Keutgen et Georges-Albert Dal avec la collaboration de Marc Dal et Gautier Matray, «  L’arbitrage en droit belge et international, TI, Le droit belge », 3ème édition revue et augmentée, Bruxelles, Bruylant, 2015, 784 pages.  Préface de Koen Geens, Ministre de la Justice.

The Belgian law on arbitration was fundamentally revised and amended by the Act of 24 June 2013. This legislation builds on a well-known text of Arbitration Practitioners, the Model Law of 25 June 1985 amended on 7 July 2006 regarding the international Commercial arbitration of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). It is also based on a analysis of comparative law as to how the model law has, in whole or in part, been taken up by a number of national laws such as the German law and a law study that does not take into account the Model law such as the French and Dutch laws. It also takes into account the former Belgian law that has been received positively by practitioners and whose application has not risen any particular difficulties.

All the preparatory work has been done in a Cepani working group.

The third edition of the book builds on the previous edition of 2006 which is reviewed, developed and completed in terms of the new law.

The spirit that has led to the edition of 1981 and 2006 has been conserved: commenting on various aspects of arbitration in the light of the doctrine and jurisprudence, developing about them the critical thinking and addressing the practical implications, especially for the businesses, covering different issues.

The book, written by practitioners, provides a complete and contemporary vision on the Belgian law of arbitration.

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ISBN: 9782802735595