Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Applying for membership makes good sense and is easy to do by filling the online application form.

Membership of the International Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (ICC Belgium) is known as top-notch membership – completing but not competing with membership of local chambers of commerce or sector federations – and is open to all businesses. ICC Belgium membership runs for twelve months from each January 1st and is renewable each year.

ICC Belgium (ICC Belgique ASBL/ICC België VZW)

Stuiversstraat 8 rue des Sols

1000 Brussels (Belgium)

Telephone: +32 2 515 08 44

Entrance: c/o Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (VBO-FEB)

Rue Ravensteinstraat 4

1000 Brussels

Mathieu Maes, External advisor (

Julie Deré, Secretary General ( ,+32 2 515 08 44)

Theodora Mbiye Mulomba, Commmunication & event assistant ( )

ICC champions open cross-border trade and investment, the market economy system and global economic integration as a force for sustainable growth, job creation and prosperity.  We aim to further our members’ interests by making it easier to trade internationally.

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200+ people at our Paris headquarters, 2 in our Brussels-based office.
ICC funds itself from a combination of quota payments from its network of National Committees and associated bodies as well as from commercial revenue generated through events and publications.
International Chamber of Commerce in Belgium
ICC Belgium is the ICC’s National Committee (representative office) in Belgium. There are 90+ National Committees around the world. ICC refers to the headquarters of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

To access ICC activities, Belgium based companies have to be a member of ICC Belgium. All National Committees operate under a constitutional charter with ICC headquarters. We share the same vision, mission, values and brand and operate a bit like a franchise business.

ICC Policy Commissions are run by the ICC Secretariat in Paris. They bring together representatives of the national policy committees to decide common ICC positions. Meetings of the Commissions are held in different locations in the world each year.
Members of CC Belgium member companies are nominated by ICC Belgium and these nominations are either confirmed or rejected by ICC in Paris.
12. They are: Arbitration and ADR, Banking, Commercial Law and Practice, Competition, Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption, Customs and Trade Facilitation, Digital Economy, Environment and Energy, Intellectual Property, Marketing and Advertising, Taxation, Trade and Investment Policy.

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Membership shall be maintained until termination is accepted in writing by the directors. Any notice of termination shall be deemed to take effect on the next January 1 following the date specified in the notice, and shall not be retroactive, or if not, on the next January 1 following the date such notice is received by ICC Belgium vzw.”

No. The accredited Belgian Chambers of Commerce are members of the International Chamber of Commerce in Belgium through the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce (Belgian Chambers).
Belgian Chambers is the national body that represents all accredited chambers of commerce in Belgium.  In addition, it represents the interests of 33 Belgian-Luxembourg chambers of commerce abroad. Through its accreditation programme, the Federation ensures the Belgian companies a quality service by its members.

The International Chamber of Commerce represents international businesses worldwide – over 6.5 million companies, chambers of commerce and trade associations. ICC’s interface is the G20 and United Nations. Each National Committee also represents the views of Belgian members and ICCs global network to the Belgian government.

Yes. If you are a Belgium based company or have business interests in Belgium, then you can be a member of ICC Belgium.
No, this is generally done by the Belgian Chambers of Commerce and the competent regional agencies (Awex, Brussels Invest & Export, FIT).
We are not related to either the International Criminal Court or the International Cricket Council.

We are, however, related to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Court of Arbitration in Paris. ICC Belgium nominates arbitrators and experts to this Court.