ICC’s membership spans more than 130 countries and includes many of the world’s largest companies, SMEs, business associations and local chambers of commerce. Joining ICC Belgium makes good business sense and is simple to do. Our membership rates (hereunder) take into account different sizes of organizations. Check here the members of ICC Belgium.

The ICC isn’t just a lead convenor and guide on cross-border trade and investment in the 21st century that ensures your company finds tomorrow a more favorable environment for its business to flourish, the ICC also offers real benefits which ensure you have the tools to stay ahead in the global value chain.

By joining the ICC you will benefit from a number of services and added-value benefits which can make a real difference to your business and prove you are head and shoulders above your competitors:

  • Top-notch preparation for your international dispute settlements through our international court of arbitration and an enhanced knowledge of ICC rules (Incoterms rules, documentary credits,…), model contracts and other tools for international trade;
  • Direct connection with Belgian federal and regional regulators, as well as with supranational and foreign regulators, to enhance your knowledge of compliance requirements for your business;
  • Support in Belgium and through our foreign network to enhance the international visibility of your best practices with regard to sustainable development, ethics,…;
  • Opportunities to directly influence change in your industry standards through global and national commissions and working groups meetings, enabling you to raise you own profile by establishing yourself as industry expert;
  • Access to governments and international forums, to ensure that the voice of business is heard by those who make decisions that ultimately affect your bottom line.

Small enterprises and law firms

1575,- excl. VAT, per year.
  • For enteprises and law firms not exceeding the following criteria: employing less than 50 people and making less than € 25 million in turnover

Standard membership rate

3675,-excl. VAT, per year.
  • For all companies, organizations or law firms that do not match with the previous and next criterias

Large players

5250,-excl. VAT, per year.
  • For companies listed on the stock exchange and with more than 1.000 employees

The vision of the ICC for its members has been for nearly a century the creation of a world without barriers to trade, underpinned by sustainability, responsible business practices, sound governance and the rule of law. By joining today, you can start benefitting from the services of a worldwide network of local affiliates attentive to make the world a more business-friendly place, and bring a tangible contribution to peace, prosperity and inclusive growth.

ICC’s membership spans more than 130 countries and includes many of the world’s largest companies, SMEs, business associations, banks, law firms and local chambers of commerce. Members represent a broad cross-section of business activity, including manufacturing, trade, services, banking and law.

There is no doubt the early adopters of ICC values in global trade are among the best performers, and you are invited to join the club today.