ICC’s unrivalled understanding of business arises from the expertise of our members, most of whom are involved in international commerce.

From banking regulation and global taxation to ethical marketing and climate change, the strength and legitimacy of our advocacy work and rules making derive from the fact that they are developed through extensive consultation with member companies.

At present, close to 3,000 experts make up the specialised working bodies that establish our business stance on a broad range of issues.

What’s more, the trainings and events we stage all harness the expertise of our members to ensure they keep pace with the latest developments and issues in the field.

The know-how and vision of our members ensure the world business organization continually evolves to meet the needs of businesses today… In turn, our members and experts count on ICC influence to get business views across to governments and intergovernmental organizations, whose decisions affect corporate finances and operations worldwide.

ICC’s policy commissions, comprising business experts who examine major issues of interest to the business world, prepare policy products, including statements and recommendations to contribute to intergovernmental discussions, as well as rules and codes to facilitate international business transactions.