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  • ICC launches Advanced Arbitration Academies

    The ICC Advanced Arbitration Academies will take place over 12 months from 2023 to 2024, covering Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and North America. Two more academies for Africa and the Middle East are scheduled for launch in 2024.

  • Guest blog: The role of business in upholding multilateralism

    The 13th World Chambers Congress takes place in Geneva from 21-23 June under the theme ‘Achieving peace and prosperity through multilateralism’.

  • ICC announces support to Moldova alongside government and private sector leaders

    The ICC Centre will be established in Moldova to connect small- and medium-sized businesses to global and regional supply chains.

  • Joint ICC-ITC Policy Brief Series

    CC and the International Trade Centre (ITC) address topical trade policy issues from a development perspective, their potential and practical implications for business, particularly micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses, and make policy recommendations.

  • IMB records lowest level of Q1 piracy since 1993 in 2023 report

    The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has recorded the lowest level of reported global piracy and armed robbery incidents since 1993, but calls for continued vigilance and naval response in its first quarter piracy and armed robbery report for 2023, released today.

  • ICC Principles on Automatic Subscription Renewals

    ICC principles help to interpret the fundamental global standards of the ICC Marketing Code to offer more specific guidance on issues unique to automatic renewals. This paper highlights five best practices businesses should apply when offering automatic subscription renewals, specifically around disclosure, consent, written confirmation, cancellation and notice.

  • ICC Arbitration Rules selected for biggest educational arbitration moot

    The ICC Arbitration Rules have been named as the official rules to be used to resolve mock international commercial disputes during the 31st Willem [...]

  • ICC 2023 Trade Report: A fragmenting world

    The ICC 2023 Trade Report analyses the latest trends in trade and presents an outlook for the 2023 trade landscape. It examines different forms of economic fragmentation in fields including trade, digital economy, debt, payment systems and suggests that fragmentation is accelerating.






ICC’s world renowned Incoterms© rules facilitate trillions of dollars in global trade each year.

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disputes administered since 1923
countries and territories

ICC Arbitration is a flexible and efficient procedure for resolving domestic and international disputes.

The awards are binding, final and enforceable anywhere in the world.


Corporate responsibility & compliance

We fight for sound business ethics, more effective governance, rule of law and security at all levels of international trade.

A fair level playing field!

No matter the size of your company, care about ethics and compliance.

Self-regulation & dispute resolution

We believe in voluntary rules enforced by a self-regulatory organization for effective global business systems.

Arbitration, ADR, codes and model contracts

ICC offers arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution while making the case for business self-regulation.

A multilateral trading system

We plead for consistency, predictability and insurance against protectionism in trade and investment policies.

More trade is better for welfare

ICC supports multilateralism as the best way to find effective solutions to global challenges

Events, trainings & publications

We organize events and trainings that are run by some of the most influential and dynamic industry professionnals.

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Our members can join forces for organizing local events or publications, or participate to the global ICC activities.

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