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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has published a full statistical report, offering an in-depth breakdown of the numbers behind the growth of ICC Arbitration and ICC Mediation for 2019. 

The annual report provides an overview of the cases administered by the International Court of Arbitration and the International Centre for ADR. The figures highlighted include:

  • parties: numbers, nationalities, state parties
  • arbitral tribunals: constitution, numbers and nationalities of arbitrators appointed and confirmed, incidents affecting the composition of arbitral tribunals during the proceedings
  • applicable law chosen by the parties,
  • subject and size of disputes
  • places selected as seats of ICC arbitrations
  • awards

The ICC Court registered a total of 869 new cases in 2019, of which 851 cases under the trusted ICC Rules of Arbitration and 18 under its Appointing Authority rules. The 2019 figure marks a record year for the arbitral institution in its almost 100-year history.

The statistical report is available to the public free of charge—in addition to being featured in the latest edition of the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin.

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The comprehensive report provides an overview of the record arbitration figures for 2019, as well as information on its 25,000th registered case.


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