ICC Leniency Manual Second Edition 2018 – A user-guide for filing leniency applications worldwide (free eBook)

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This is the second release of the ICC Task Force on Cartels and Leniency and the fourth publication “designed by business for business” of the ICC Commission on Competition. Intended as a living document, the Manual aims to demystify the leniency application process and assist business with filing local or multi-jurisdictional applications.

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The leniency practices gathered in the second edition of the Manual span over 30 countries. It was presented at this year’s Pre-ICN Forum in New Delhi to benefit from consultation during the ICN.

The ICC Leniency Manual starts with an outline of the generic leniency application process then delves into the specific filing requirements in targeted countries. The countries are organized in chapters listed in alphabetical order for easy reference. Each chapter features a factsheet which includes a list of issues that the leniency applicant should think about when considering filing an application in a specific country together with a short description of leniency in that country. Furthermore, each chapter provides a colour-coded flowchart which aims to guide the user through each stage of a leniency application process from the very initial contact with the competition agency to its final decision.

A reference guide or aide-mémoire designed to explain the basic requirements under a generic leniency application is provided at the end of the manual and should be used as a companion to the flowcharts.


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