Paris Arbitration Week 2023 (PAW) gets underway on Monday 27 March, featuring unprecedented ICC representation in close to 20 PAW events. 

Founded in part by ICC, PAW connects over 10,000 members of the international arbitration community in Paris, a dynamic global hub of international arbitration, home to the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and a top-ranking city for ICC Arbitration.

As a proud partner of PAW, ICC has over 15 leaders represented in close to 20 events throughout the week. These include ICC Court President Claudia Salomon, Secretary General Alexander G. Fessas, , ICC Court Managing Counsel Ziva Filipic, ICC General Counsel Emmanuel Jolivet and Director of Arbitration and ADR for Africa Diamana Diawara.

The week’s suite of slated events covers a wide range of topics within the world of arbitration, and kicks off with ICC’s 7th European Conference on International Arbitration, a key component of PAW’s compelling calendar. This year’s edition of the conference will gather 400 participants around the theme of “Rethinking Dispute Resolution”, an in-depth exploration of how international arbitration can adapt and evolve into the future. This forward-thinking commitment to shaping the next century of dispute resolution mindset is set out in the ICC Centenary Declaration on Dispute Prevention and Resolution published in January to mark the launch of the ICC Court Centenary year.

ICC’s Commission on Arbitration and ADR will meet on 28 March while the ICC Institute of World Business Law will conduct its sold-out training on the conduct of proceedings and case management from the arbitrator’s perspective on 29 March. The training will provide participants with insight into case management techniques, arbitrator authority, additional claims and parties and the exchange of information.

A retrospective view of the ICC Court in its centenary year will be the focus of an event hosted by ICC France — ICC’s national committee in France — and Sorbonne University. ICC Court President Claudia Salomon will deliver the keynote address.

Events and networking opportunities are also scheduled to prepare the next generation of arbitration and ADR leaders, hosted by the ICC Young Arbitration and ADR Forum (YAAF).

Visit the PAW website to see the full schedule of events.