In this publication Prof. Jan Ramberg, a renowned legal expert, gives a concise and lucid presentation of the legal framework as well as the commercial principles, rules and regulations surrounding cross-border transactions.

Packed with vital information and invaluable advice, the 4th edition (published by Norstedts Juridik, distributed by ICC Services) of this much acclaimed book takes into account recent developments in international trade all while highlighting the interactions between common trade practice, national laws and international laws.

A transaction that does not turn out as expected can have costly consequences. To help you avoid pitfalls, this guide covers critical issues like:

  • Common problems in international transactions
  • Rights and obligations of parties to an international sale contractRules and practices for related contracts
  • Protection against breaches of contract and changed circumstancesThe risk of loss, damage or delay during carriage of goodsResolution of disputesParticular risk distribution under contracts of carriage by sea

An extensive annex contains the texts of international conventions, major trade rules elaborated under the auspices of governmental and non-governmental bodies, model contracts and other helpful hands-on material.

This publication is essential reading for anyone engaged in, or preparing cross border transactions. It will greatly help you achieve your commercial objectives, in compliance best practice of corporate governance.

ISBN 9789284201044